July 4th

Here’s a picture or two to prove we’re not America-hatin commies. Everyone enjoy their 4th of July!




3 Responses to “July 4th”

  1. Jeremey Says:

    That man is a ghost!!!!!

  2. Mum Says:

    Dad DOES look like a ghost!…Was he simply moving so fast that he was barely visible as he lit the firework? I remember a picture from years ago that showed Uncle David appearing to throw a large “Big Bertha” rocket into the air that he’d been stabilizing as it sat on the launch pad before you blasted it off. Your fireworks picture reminds me of this similar illusion….but Uncle David clearly showed up in that picture- with a real look of concern on his face, as I recall!

  3. Pat and Jim Sanders Says:

    Shawn -

    I can’t believe he was shooting fireworks off of that new deck railing! We had the pleasure of watching 8 and 5 year old kids enjoying their first real fireworks here - their Dad had bought $50 worth (that didn’t turn out to be all that many fireworks) and they were just thrilled, altho maybe not as excited as our 40-year old neighbor, Al,who is a big kid himself. Hope you are enjoying the lovely summer weather and being home. The flood waters have gone down here and we’re able to get to town with just a few mile detour, versus the earlier being totally stranded, then having a 20-mile detour. Lots of bridges out and roads closed and our county qualified for disaster aid.
    Take care - get lots of rest -

    Pat and Jim