July 8th

Hi everyone!

Not much going on around here, just lots of sleeping and relaxing. I needed platelets badly Friday so I got topped up on those and have appointments Monday and Friday for more transfusions. My red blood cell count is maintaining itself (10.9 on Friday) but the platelets were way down to 4 (very low). My ANC was 80 on Friday, so that’s very low too, just the normal post chemo blood counts.

The study drug I’m on will take a while to kick in if it does work, so maybe we’ll see climbing counts later on this week.

Shannon & Rob leave for their honeymoon tomorrow, so that should be fun for them. They’re going on a cruise of the Caribbean.

Here’s a few pictures I took around the house, nothing too exciting…

a bug
A bug eating Mom’s flowers.



Fireworks taken from a moving car…

3 Responses to “July 8th”

  1. Dad Says:

    More excellent shots…. I’m sure Mom will especially like the Flower eating Japaneese Beatle! I especially like the red and blue colors behind the white flower and the sheen on the flower is excellent. I also really like the dragon fly wing detail and how the stripe of white on the grass adds accent. I think Mom will enjoy the praying mantis since it will eat the flower eating bugs. I’m amazed how you can find them in the grasses so quickly and easily. I’ve passed by the same grass many times and never noticed them … they are well hidden. You always were good at finding things hidden like this … like when Mom lost her keys in the lawn in NC! Nice fireworks.. it is difficult to get fireworks but especially out of the moving car window!

  2. Mum Says:

    Dad was right that I enjoyed the idea of the praying mantis eating the beetle, although I don’t know if they do…quite an exoskeleton on that guy to bite through! I was struck by the similarity of that beetle on the flower and the Dutch floral painting movement. Remember those blowsy flowery, be-tuliped paintings that always included some wilting or chewed on flowers to acknowledge the impermanence of life?

  3. The Harkcoms Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    We’re glad to hear you are resting. So important to your recovery. We loved seeing you at Shannon and Rob’s wedding. What a beautiful day!! Shannon was just radiant and beaming in every direction! Just as a bride should be! Another plus from the wedding was that Zack finally got his hair cut just for Shannon. We forgot he had ears! With is curly hair he was developing quite an afro!! We are busy packing for Alaska. Boy that sounds funny, it still hasn’t sunk in that we are actually going to Alaska! We leave on the 19th. We should come over and get a quick lesson on photography we always come home a little disappointed in our photography skills. Your pictures are just beautiful. When I am feeling a little down or overwhelmed I go to your web site and look at your pictures. They always make me feel better! Hope your are having a good day, pretty humid outside today. Get lots of rest and feel better.
    Love from the Harkcoms