July 12th

Hey everyone! Hope everybody is keeping well.

Just the usual transfusions of platelets going on around here. We are having to venture into the city three times a week now to keep my platelets up but I think two times would be fine. We went in for a platelet transfusion today and it turned out I didn’t need one. We did get to have our Dr’s appointment from Friday today though and she said that all my liver function tests had returned to normal, so that means no GVHD or other weirdness in the liver anymore. There’s not much of a plan forward still, I am going to start tapering down the steroids that I’m on (because of the liver) and we’ll see what the results of that are. I have about a two week schedule from the doc to taper them back and once that has happened, they’ll start deciding what fun stuff they want to do to me next.

I guess I must be getting stronger because Sunday, Dad and I went to an air museum (in Willow Grove, PA). It wore me out but was sure nice getting out and seeing planes again. Here’s a few pictures from that…

A one of a kind, two seat ME-262b-1a (the only two seat version of this jet anywhere, much nicer than the single seat they have at the Smithsonian).

A nice F-14A all shined up with nowhere to go (they just decommissioned all F-14s sadly).

And a highly unusual Navy jet seaplane (a Convair YF2Y-1 “Seadart”).

The gallery from the trip to the Willow Grove museum with higher resolution pictures is HERE.

And as if that weren’t enough pictures, here’s a few from around the yard as I’m prone to taking…

A shrub with weird light…

A Dogwood flower and spiky ball bit…

Bigger pictures from this series are HERE.

And last but by far not least is a link to the gallery with a few more wedding pictures than before, you can get that HERE.

A long update, everybody have a great week!


2 Responses to “July 12th”

  1. Jodie Mom and Al Says:

    I read your posts religiously and have been reading them to mum on the phone since her internet is out right now and she can’t always get to them from work but, she will be checking the wedding pictures at work tomorrow…they were wonderful! Such happiness, I’m so glad you got to make it!

    I’m not sure I ever told you that your photos have been my backgrounds consistently for the longest time now…I change them every few days and particularly like your flower shots…Caine with the food can was on my background for a month, that one is too funny…now it’s Elliott so I can tell everyone who comes over that the cat is older then the hills.

    Glad you are feeling better! WE LOVE YOU, Jod

  2. Pat and Jim Sanders Says:

    Shawn -

    Glad to hear the latest news from you and enjoy the photos. Good that your liver is ok and hope the reduction in steroids goes smoothly so you can proceed with the next phase of treatment. The photos are great - I’ll experiment with looking at the higher resolution ones after the big Honesdale Historic House tour that I’m very involved in tomorrow is over. We’ll see how long it takes our phone lines to handle them. Those planes are practically works of art as well as of engineering genius. And the flowers! Gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

    We think of you often - get lots of rest and recuperation!

    with love,

    Pat and Jim