August 31 - Memorial Service

Dad writing for Shawn,

For those following Shawn’s journal we have some very sad news. On Aug 30, 2006 Shawn passed away after fighting furiously to beat his illness.

In his honor we will be holding a memorial service on Saturday September 2, at 3:00PM at the Kuzo & Grieco Funeral home, 250 West State Street, Kennett Square, PA ( near where Shawn worked).

Anyone inclined to give flowers may want instead to consider donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 2 International Plaza, Suite 245, Philadelphia PA 19113

If you have thoughts or memories of Shawn that you would like to share, would you please leave them on this site.

A map link for the funeral home can be found at:


12 Responses to “August 31 - Memorial Service”

  1. Jan Harding Says:

    Shawn will be remembered as a passionate spirited young man by all his family here in Canada. We will enjoy our memorable family reunions both here and in the US with Shawn always having a terrific sense of humour. His light on our hearts will shine forever. Shawn Patrick we love you!

  2. Krista Isbister (Harding) Says:

    Shawn was always fun spirited kind of guy. I am proud of him for fighting all the way and showing that he was not the type to give up on anything that he set his mind to. He is always going to be in my heart and I will miss lots. He has shown to me to go for what you want and never give up on your dreams or hopes. I miss everyone and I and the rest of us in Canada are there in spirit for all of you right now. We love you all and will miss Shawn a great deal. Love to all Love Krista

  3. Megan Lucas Says:

    For those of you reading this, I am one of the nurses at HUP who has been taking care of Shawn during this past year. Shawn will always be one of my most memorable patients. He is truely an inspirational person with such a great attitude. I loved talking to Shawn about his dogs and he never once forgot to ask me about my own puppy Patrick who I brought in to see Shawn! His passion for photography amazed me..he has such talent. Shawn was loved by all the nurses on the floor and we can all say that we had the pleasure of knowing such a wonderful person. Shawn, you and your family are in my prayers. Sincerely, Megan

  4. Laura Guertin Says:

    I never had a chance to meet Shawn, but I do know his loving mother (we are both faculty at Penn State). Kathy is such a warm and wonderful person. She always shared such great stories about Shawn, his talents and positive outlook on everything. The Meehan family has gone through so many roller-coaster rides this past year, I can’t image how it has all felt. But from what I know about Kathy, this family has one incredible strong bond that will pull them through and even strengthen their family spirit. Kathy and the Meehan family, the Penn State family is all sharing in your loss and will continue to be here for whatever you need. Warm wishes, Laura

  5. Cindy Clark Says:

    Death be not proud, though some have called thee
    Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so,
    For the Meehans have slain you with humor and journals and photography and puppies.
    And the love that makes human connection eternal.
    Even before thy cast thy stroke, death,
    Sean Meehan’s courage declared that death shall kill no more.
    Sean’s soulful pictures be, and his loving humanity be, a sign that
    One short sleep past, he and we wake eternally.
    After John Donne, with love and care.

  6. Libby Todd Says:

    Shawn was truly a one-of-a-kind-guy and we are richer for having known him. We are so proud of the courage he showed throughout his whole journey and with his typical, no-nonsense approach to the treatment. Like he said, “It’s just what has to be done, so let’s get started.” His amazing degree of intelligence showed in the way he learned about all things medical and tried to explain it in this journal. I must admit I was at sea about alot of the medical jargon! But I kept reading, hoping that some of it would eventually soak into my pea brain. The whole Todd family cherishes the time we spent with you in Harrogate. And I’m so glad that we got together a couple of times in North Carolina. Thanks for letting us keep Shawn for a few days all by himself in Gastonia that summer. It’ll be a wonderful final memory for us. Our hugs to you all and our continued prayers for you to find peace in his passing and joy in the gift of his life.

  7. The Bellavias Says:

    Shawn lived so much during his time here, more than so many way past his age. He enjoyed many interests and laughed much. He was blessed with the most beautiful and incredible family anyone could wish for, just as they basked in the joy of their love for him. The memories he has left with us all will warm our hearts and put smiles on our faces for the rest of our days, lucky are those who knew him. With heavy hearts we send our love to join you. What a gathering of precious, special people in his honor, so much love in one room! May that love you share flow forth with gentle comfort. Dear Shawn we will miss you. We love you all very much.

  8. Aaron & Kristin Says:

    We wish we could be there in your time of need. We have have spent most of our time celebrating his life by remembering all the moments we had with Shawn. I remember all the stuff he did that made me laugh. I always admired his sense of humor and love of life. I will always cherish the way he lived. When I feel saddened I just remember back to things he said. When he was networking an army of computers together I would ask “Why?” and he looked back at me with that look that said silly man “Why not?” That was pretty much answered any other questions I had that day and for the rest of his time here. We’ll miss you Shawn but we we’ll not forget you.

  9. Leigh Says:

    Shawn, thanks for making me believe that our time here on earth is not all we will ever be. You have done so much here…. but I believe there is so much for you still to do and discover. As you fly off into space in December I know you will be in awe of “the big picture” you have always been trying so hard to see. I hope that you are more comfortable now than you have been in a while. I think of you often and will always remember your warm heart and gentle spirit. I love you!!

  10. Jessica Rowland Says:

    I’m one of the nurses who took care of Shawn while he was at the hospital, and I just wanted to say a few things here because he really made an impact on the hospital staff who worked with him. We really will always remember him…he was very special. Shawn was such a genuinely nice and good person, and that was obvious from the moment you met him. He was very strong throughout his hospital stay and kept a positive attitude through it all. He was an inspiration to everyone who met him, and he will be missed. Everyone who worked with him will definitely remember him and his very caring family for the rest of our lives.

  11. Graham Says:

    Even following Shawn’s battle from a distance, the lesson that he taught was invaluable. I hope that I can fight even the smallest day to day battles with a fraction of the strength and courage that he displayed. Thank you Shawn.

  12. Emma- Shannons friend in England Says:

    Shawn stole a little piece of everyone’s heart wherever he went. He will always be in mine, I had so much love and respect for him and indeed the whole Meehan family. I am honoured to have been lucky enough to spend so much time with such wonderful people.

    Ill miss you Shawn I’m so proud of your courage and strength, not many could say they fought so hard as you against so many setbacks. It was wonderful to see you one last time this summer Ill see you again on a clear night in foggy old England.

    All my love
    Emma x