August 24th

August 24th, 2006

Kris again…

Not much going on today. Shawn took a shower and got a bag of platelets, so that was about as much excitement as we could handle for the morning. The afternoon was spent just hanging out, and occasionally making snowcones. He continues to be pretty stable, although he seems a little bit better. Today his white cell counts were 0.1, which we’re willing to be pleased about since usually it’s <0.1. Not a big difference, but hopefully it’s the start of a trend. Other metrics seem to be holding, and his newest chest xrays don’t show much change either. However, we’re content with that since the goal is basically to keep him from losing ground while he’s vulnerable. Once his cell counts start coming up maybe there will be more improvements to report- he’s a tenacious one for sure.

August 22nd

August 22nd, 2006

Kris again…

Shawn seems a bit better today. The docs lowered the levels of his painkillers, so he’s much more ‘with it’. He and Mom and Dad tidied up the room, and he was up and about for a good bit of the afternoon. Apparently he’s been happily making sno-cones as well. There’s not much change otherwise- his last blood cultures grew out some bugs, so they changed him to a new antibiotic to take care of that. Still no white blood cells, but hopefully they’ll be showing up soon. It’s certainly nice to have him feeling a bit more frisky at any rate. He was using the computer to watch a video today, so obviously his vision is much better. If we’re lucky he’ll be writing posts again by the end of the week.

August 21st

August 21st, 2006

Today it’s Kris writing for Shawn…

Things here seem pretty stable. Shawn’s new favorite activity basically involves mixing together a variety of beverages to create the ideal thing to drink. Usually the bedside tray is covered with drinks, and we’re going through a fair number of disposable cups. Since the ideal drink tends to change as the day goes on, it’s quite an elaborate process. Hey, everybody’s got to have a hobby.

Some of the possible drink choices

Mom says he’s training to be a mixologist, so to further that we got him a martini shaker and a snowcone maker. This is an improvement over his previous methodology of hitting a pile of ice with a bottle, and he managed to produce a nice shaved pile of ice that kind of looks like a dog.
Shawn crushing ice

Shaved ice resembling a dog

We’ve been staying with him most of the time recently, so apparently dad isn’t getting enough sleep. In the picture below you can see Shawn’s shower, with the chair dad spent part of the afternoon sleeping in. This amused mom so much she woke him up to take a picture.

Shower/nap area

As I said above, Shawn’s pretty much stable- small improvements in some areas, small setbacks in others. Mostly we’re waiting for him to get some white blood cells back, which hopefully will happen soon. His vision seems to be getting better, so hopefully he’ll be back to writing updates in the near future. We’ll keep everyone posted regardless…